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SIMOND - Easy 3 harness

Leon sports is the manufacturer of Decathlon Climbing harness.

Decathlon recommend harnesses with a single tie-in for beginners as there is less risk of error when roping in. However, single tie-ins are slightly more complicated when used on climbing routes of varying lengths or when abseiling as there is a lot of equipment (rope, lanyards, belaying equipment) on the tie-in. This is why Decathlon recommend it be used mainly in for indoor or big wall top roping.

Product Composition
Webbing 100% Polyester Buckles 100% Aluminium


440 gr in size S/M 480 gr in size L/XXL.

2 gear loops on the sides.

User comfort

Waistbelt and leg loops made with thick, comfortable foam padding.


3 adjustment buckles for quick adjustment and set-up.

Ease of use

Allows you to rope in on a single visible, resistant tie-in loop.

Easy dressing

Left and right markings on the leg loops make it easy to put on