The inflatable life jacket manufacture in Asia
  • PPE Module D Factory / ISO9001 Factory / Life Raft / Sling Buoy / InlfatableLife Jacket / Dry bag / Snorkel Vest / PFD CHINA / PFD Factory.


 Vision of the company 

  • We are an OEM factory in China, near by ShangHai. 
  • Establishedin 2006. Making Inflatable products for many world ranking Brands. Professional on making Inflatable Life Jacket and safty product like climbing harness.

 Factory status 

  • 5 meter test Swimming Pool 
  • 2.5 meter drop tower
  • ISO9001 certified by SGS CE0120  
  • PPE  (EU) 2016/425-Module D certified By APAVE of France
  • Solas lifejacket certified by GL of Germany
  • AS4758 certified by BSI of Australia