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R2 Life Raft(2/3 person )

R2 Life Raft(2/3 person )

  Ultra light coastal life raft, weight only 6.8Kg.
  Easy Maintenance, Self-contained disposable CO2 inflation system.
  Durable 210D nylon fabric PU laminated, Single tube.
  Easy Boarding, Auto-inflatable boarding ramp.
  No capsizing, 50 liters x 3 ballast water pockets, total 150 liters.
  Roomy, 0.96 square-meter interior.


    CO2 tank.
    Halkey-Roberts inflator.
    SOLAS reflective tape.
    Boarding ladder.
    Over Pressure Relief Valve.
    Top Valve.
    Insulated floor.
    Waterproof bag (5 Liter).
    Grab bag (attached to valise).
    Righting straps, life line, knife, sea anchor .
    5 years service interval, 15 years limited warranty.
    Rescue light.(Optional)


    1. Open the painter line flap on the valise, extend the painter line.
    2. Securely attach the hook end of the painter line to the boat.
    3. Throw the life raft onto the sea.
    4. Give a hard pull on painter line and the life raft inflates automatically in 40 seconds.
    5. Cut the painter line with raft knife after boarding life raft.

Weight & Dimension:

CapacityPack TypeWeight
2/3 personValise6.8420*160*330


    Inside of the liferaft
    Sea anchor, hand pump, safety knife, light.
    Outside of the valise
    A empty grab bag is attached to valise for user